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If it gets too high, you could end up with a fatal overdose. It may also be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, including a blood sugar regulating agent. Ivermectin made from the insecticide ivermectin is known to have the remarkable property of acting on the nervous system of living organisms at several different levels, such as the receptor level through which it penetrates the cell membrane, the ion channel level through which it enters the cell, the signal transduction level through which it works and action with the second messenger by influencing the cyclic nucleotide system.

The drug acts by binding to the dna of herpes viruses, thus stopping them from multiplying. Flagyl (vancomiès) tablets 5 mg 5 mg, 10mg, & 25mg City of Sammamish capsules 5mg 5. I've taken it once or twice, and my nose is still itchy.